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Cleanse Day 8

Everything is going great…energy is back today.  I felt a bit tired on days six and seven.  I noticed my nose was running profusely on day six and it stopped on day seven so I know it was just all of the toxins leaving my body.  One wonderful thing is that I have been going to bed around 10:00 and I am sleeping like a rock all through the night until 6:00.  That’s eight hours of sleep!!  This is one of the best aspects of this cleanse.  Normally, I get up every couple of hours to go to the bathroom or just wake up at 3:00 a.m. and then lie awake the rest of the night!  I feel so rested and my skin is looking vibrant again.  Sleep is so important!!  Read my article here about sleep.  I created a wonderful recipe that my whole family loved last night…even my picky nine year-old liked it.  It was a healthy, easy, version of paella.  I am a huge Cook’s Illustrated fan and use a lot of their recipes, but I always try to swap the unhealthy items for healthier options.  I made a huge eight quart dutch oven pot and it is GONE… kidding.  My husband said this was the best thing I have ever made….ever.  I couldn’t help feeling a bit insulted at that.  I said “Come on….EVER?”   I like to think everything I cook is perfect…..but I guess not!  See my recipe page for details on the paella recipe (it fits the cleanse).

I wanted to mention one thing about dairy.  My husband said something to me yesterday morning that reminded me to talk about this.  He said, “You didn’t cough at all last night in your sleep.”  You see, I have a slight dairy intolerance just like my son.  It is something easy to forget about because my only symptom is persistent post nasal drip that causes me to dry cough mostly at night.  Although this might seem like no big deal, it really does affect my sleep patterns, and I never noticed how much that tickle in my throat was such a nuisance until it stopped.  This is day 8 and it is completely gone.  So now my husband is getting better sleep too!

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